Issue #2: The Origin Story

So, some of you might have guessed that I’m a bit of a comic fan; a bit of a nerd. A very attractive dork, if I may be so bold?! I like to be creative in my writings; the smallest detail is important to me. I felt the play on the word, “Issue”, was pretty fantastic. A comic book reference AND a double entendre? Uh, yes please! You know, issue as in the order of publication and issue, like, “I have SO MANY issues!”? Again, fantastic!

So, obviously, this entry will be dedicated to my origin story; to telling you all a little about myself. I hope you all enjoy and learn a thing or two, as well…

My legal name is Jimmy Marquez Jr., but I’ve never really liked my name. I like the Marquez part alright; and the Jimmy is fine but I really despise the Jr! I don’t know. The name Jimmy, to me, was always the name of the fat, dumb or bully character in the TV shows, movies, etc. I guess, looking at all the evidence, it’s a little true. Maybe the hurtful truth of this stereotype keeps me humble. Besides, that’s what imagination is for! Thus, I renamed myself Jimothy Marie. This is an inside joke, as both my sisters have the middle name Marie, and I actually have no middle name!

Not only was I born with a horrible name, but I was also born with a horrible, incurable disease/disability known as Spina Bifida.  Or, as my doctor calls it, “Spinal Bifia”. I was in the hospital for a few months, then I got to go home. My childhood was fun but hectic; and my angsty, teen years gave me some exciting dilemmas. As a young adult, all my views on life, friends, family, love and everything else inbetween, began to form and change. I was always afraid of people and was extremely quiet—and now I found myself needing and wanting to have conversations; being part of groups and the urge to entertain. I found out I was pretty damn likable and funny! Being disabled has taken so much from me. Growing up with physical disabilities is not easy. It becomes a struggle everyday. I’m 33-years old now and some days, it’s STILL a struggle! I’ve felt worthless, alone, different and fucked BUT I’ve felt powerful, loved, unique and blessed as well. Just like everyone else, I have my share of good and bad days; I’m just happy that now I can remain calm and find the positive in the bad days and appreciate all the good ones!

I suppose I get alot of my interests and personality traits from my disabilities as well. Not having many friends, then and now, my interests and hobbies have all been singular in execution. I love comic books. I love cartoons/animation. I love to read and write. I love the WWE. I love video games, probably, most of all! In my childhood, I was never without the current system. I now own the very original Nintendo; Super Nintendo; Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1 through 4 and the Nintendo Wii-U! I also love to paint. My Aunt Delfina is a professional painter and artist, and is somewhat of my Yoda. That is to say, she is my life teacher and like a second mother to me. She gave me painting lessons and helped me learn how to paint. It’s something that I appreciate with all my heart. I find that painting is very relaxing; and while it requires alot of patience, the pay off is amazing! 

I think the one personality trait that stands out in myself is my obsession with Super Hero culture. I grew up with this need and want to be a hero; to always uphold justice and be a great protector to all! Batman is my go to, shining example of these things and I truly believe I got some good morals from characters like him; from comic books and various other medias. I don’t, purposely, want to hurt any one. I try not to judge. I try to help people when I can. I like to give as much as I can. I try to set good examples for my nephews and nieces. I guess my end game has always been, “Yeah, Jimothy was kind of weird, but he was nice too!”.

Ah, that’s the dream!

Coming Soon—Issue #3: The Side Characters

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