Mastering the art of being alone

I want to get to a point where I really enjoy being in my own company.  During the day I have never had a problem with being alone.  Often I will venture out and do a spot of shopping or have a bite to eat in restaurant.  During this time I am content and do not feel at all lonely.

It is usually during the evening time that loneliness creeps up on me.  When I am sat with my overactive mind being my only form of company.  

One of my main issues is concentrating.  My mind goes into overdrive when I am sat alone and unable to focus on soemthing as simple as watching television.  

Rather than trying to find other people to help distract me from my loneliness I am going to master the art of being alone.  I am going to begin reading lots of literature and try my best to watch tub programs even if he they are trashy in nature.  

Once I begin to aprociate the simple things in life I will begin to feel whole.  For years I have been filled with this ghastly empty feeling, as though something has been missing from my life.  My old method was to destroy this emptiness in a self distructive manner.  Drugs, alcohol and bad company.  

It had taken me years to realise this.  But now I know. The only way to rid the feeling of emptiness and loneliness is to love myself enough to enjoy being in my own company.  

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