Prostitute hater

To the majority of my clients I am a luxury.  They book me as a little treat to themselves.  Some of the men have been starved of sex and female companionship.  Many lead stressful lives and their time with me is an opportunity to zone out of reality and become part of a fantasy.

I love the way these men open up to me, they tell me their story’s, they tell me how beautiful I am.  They are my perfect clients and it is thanks to them that I still continue with this line of work.

On occasions the clients are of a completely different breed.  Yesterday I had a client, ignorant uneducated builder type.  The only items of clothing he removed was his yellow high vis vest, boxers and jeans.  He kept his polo shirt and socks and refused to join me on the bed.  Yes he wanted to stand for his entire booking.  He wanted no intimacy, no kissing he want interested in touching me.  As I got the condom out to cover him up prior to performing oral he asked whether I would do it without.  I politely replied I wouldn’t.

In my head I was screaming “you fucking bastard, how dare you come in here and act like prostitution is disgusting and that I am dirty!  Yet you expect me to put your dirty penis in my mouth” 

Once he had left I went to use the bathroom and saw that he had urinated all over the seat.


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  1. i felt the same way when i once worked on someones oil burning furnace in their home. the homeowner said not to worry about laying down a tarp because they were planning on having the carpet replaced. i was like, ” are you kidding? im protecting my work boots from your nasty ass carpet!”.

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