The Story of My life(or at least the last 7 years)

I remember it like it was yesterday….I was sleeping in my bed at my moms house on one of the last days of spring break, which in my town was the best thing to do because there was nothing to do unless you were from a wealthy family and could afford to get out of our “blink and you miss it” town of Klickitat. I was warm and having a very good dream and then my life changed forever. There was a loud knock at my front door. Stumbling still half asleep I reached the door and cracked it open to see who was on the other side. It was my best friend and niece Katie. Seeing me open the door and never being a very patient person to begin with she pushed past me and threw the door. Get dressed she said, we have plans. Not wanting to argue with her and honestly so bored of sitting at home all day, every day that I was about to run away just for the excitement, I gave in and stumbled back to my room to get dressed. Hurry Up!!!!! Katie screamed from the kitchen. Finishing up I gathered my stuff and let my mom know I would be back later and left with Katie. Going outside I saw her boyfriend Chris’s car sitting at the end of the drive way. So where are we going? I asked. Katie looked at me and smiled and said driving. As we got closer to the car I saw that Chris was here as well so I headed for the backseat. As I opened the door I saw him, Santiago, one of the most popular people in our town and also Chris’s best friend was laying down in the back seat. Hello he said, I wanted to surprise you so I hid and made Katie promise she wouldn’t tell you I was here. Well it work I exclaimed I’m surprised. Chuckling Santiago sat up and I slid into the seat next to him and closed the door. Now I could go into details but this is a journal not a 10,000 page book but one thing lead to another and we began dating. It was amazing Santiago and I spent all of our free time together and the passion between us was unmistakeable. It was LOVE……. He helped me finish school and Graduate and was supportive of us as a couple and Santiago never tried to hide us from the public. Everything was great except one thing or should I say one person, Santiago’s mother Tiff. She hated me from the day she met me and she made that very clear, calling me names, spreading rumors about me, and even fighting with Santiago because he wanted to hang out with me. Anything she could do to try and separate Santiago and myself, Tiff would do but as I was about to witness first hand, her attempts to break us was just getting started. After graduation we moved in together and with him came his mom and his younger brother. I just wanted everything to go well so I settled in and kept my head down so not to cause any arguments and to keep a peaceful house. It seemed to work and everything was going smooth. I loved being with Santiago, it was like being in a dream and each day was a new adventure. On my 19th Birthday he surprised me with a trip to Portland. We had a nice hotel room and went shopping at the mall and even went out to eat. Unfortunately thats also when things got rough between us. It wasn’t long after we got back that I found out some life changing news, yup you probably guessed it, I was pregnant. Santiago and myself although being scared, were excited about the news Tiff on the other hand made it very clear that she was not. She demanded I get an abortion or move out! So I moved out. After a short time living apart Santiago convinced his mom to let me move back in and like the stupid little girl I was back then I moved back in. What followed could only be called A Living Nightmare!!!!! Santiago got a good job and was doing his best to support me but the constant fighting with Tiff caused Santiago and myself to start fighting daily. On top of that Tiff made it her life mission to make me uncomfortable whenever Santiago wasn’t home. She would stalk around the house ranting  on the phone to random people about how she hated me and that I was a tramp and she wouldn’t ever clean then she would yell at Santiago when he got home because the house was dirty. Shortly after winter ended on April fools day in 2011 my baby girl Skye was born. She was the light of our life and we loved her so much. Being a new mother was stressful and exhausting but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Unfortunately it didn’t stop the fighting which soon grew to be physical between Tiff and Santiago and moving out and spitting up was our only option. Santiago, Skye and myself were headed to California to start a new life together and Tiff and her other son would go their own way. Everything looked like it was gonna get better and I was so happy. So we packed up said goodbye to my family and friends and hit the road. After three days and two nights we arrived in Ontario CA. There we got a hotel and I stayed there with Skye who was still only a few months old while Santiago looked for a new home for us. He returned after one of his daily searches of the surrounding towns and let me know that he found a place it was perfect and it was in Banning CA. As we pulled up to the house. Something caught my eye and it stopped my heart. Tiff and her son were standing in the front yard with a moving truck. I looked at Santiago for explanation but the best he had was they couldn’t find a place so they found this place together. I couldn’t believe it, we had just traveled thousands of miles to get away from what was standing right in front of me and i couldn’t do a thing about it. So there I was same story different place and to make things better I became the Cinderella in my own story. I had to do all the cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, I even was forced into driving Santiago’s brother to school which was like 5 blocks away and he was 18 years old not a child. Anytime it came to going somewhere or doing something fun I was excluded. Every time there was a “reason” I couldn’t go and for some reason it was always Tiff would made that reason known. No room, To Far, Not a trip for a Baby, Tiff don’t want extra people, all of these were daily excuses. To make things worse I found out that Santiago who I thought would never hurt me was cheating on me but of course when I confronted him about it he told me I was crazy and of course denied it. I was so lost but stupid me once again reared her head and forgave him. About a month later I found out I was pregnant again and Santiago wanted to keep it a secret so Tiff didn’t get pissed off again. So while trying to hide the fact I was pregnant, and sick not to mention, the fighting got worse and worse. On thanksgiving our house got broke into and they took everything we owned pretty much. After that Tiff started getting up after Santiago would go to work and move all the food into her room only leaving the basics such as rice and beens in the pantry then she would claim that I was eating it all which Santiago believed no matter how much I tried to prove otherwise.After that we got dogs which was nice it helped me take my mind off of the daily stress which I now know was depression but just like everything else it didn’t last. Tiff grew sick of the dogs pretty fast and was trying everything to get rid of them. It is my personal belief that she even poisoned and killed one of them even though she won’t admit it. One late summer night I awoke to Santiago crying telling me he had gotten a phone call from some of his friends back in Klickitat. My little brother had gotten hit by a car and had passed away. I tried everything I could to get home to klickitat before his funeral but I couldn’t. I was devastated and depressed and still very pregnant. Finally I convinced them all that going back was the best choice. I would take Skye and the dogs to my sisters and stay with her until Santiago found us a place. Unfortunately thats not exactly how it went. The night before we left Tiff took my dog Valentino and dumped him off somewhere and told us he had run off on her and gotten hit. It only came out recently what she really did which was drop him in one of the worse areas possible, an area known for dog fighting. Anyways thinking my dog was dead I left for home where things only got worse. Santiago never found us a place so Skye and myself jumped back and forth from my sisters and my mothers house until finally my second princess Brianna was born in January of 2013 at which time i moved back in with Santiago and his mother. Shortly after that I found out thatSantiago was using drugs, and no I don’t mean weed. It became a legal battle to get the kids away from the violence that followed. And some how in the end of it I ended up pregnant again, Santiago ended up in jail and I sent the girls back down to California to be with their Great Grandmother while I packed up our stuff and figured out a way to get back their to be with them. After Santiago got out of jail we pulled our resources together we made it to Oceanside CA where I lived out of my car over the winter just to be close to my children who were still with their great grandmother. It was February of 2014 when I got the chance to move to Palm Springs with Santiago, the girls and Santiago’s grandmother. It was amazing it really helped me pull myself out of my depression and it was so nice to have my little family together for the first time in a happy environment. I should of known it wouldn’t last though. After a few months it became apparent that Santiago was once again cheating on me. It caused a rift that once again tore a hole in our family. In May of 2014 my precious baby boy was born and I knew something had to change so I took it upon my self to search for a place to live that wasn’t to expensive. Thats how I found Salton City CA. I found a perfect place with a yard and plenty of room and it wasn’t that expensive. On the drive out to meet the landlords Santiago insisted on driving which was stupid cause he didn’t have a drivers license but men will be men and we got pulled over and long story short Santiago was back in jail. I continued on and got us the house and moved all of our stuff and the kids there and settled in. Thats when the devil herself decided to show back up and try and ruin things again. Tiff needed a place to stay just for a few days which slowly turned into weeks and months and multiplied into Tiff, her other son, and her brother!!!!!! The fighting continued and got so much worse. Fast forward a year and a half and it got so bad that I finally broke down and fought the devil herself and I finally took control of my situation and kicked her and her crew out. Now things are finally how I wanted them all along. Santiago our three kids and myself living under one roof by ourselves. We are both working and our oldest Skye is now in school and everything is perfect……..or so I thought. Today I woke up and realized that Im not happy and that Santiago is not happy either and that made me realize something else. That no matter how much we loved each other in the beginning thats not the case now. Everything we have went threw has made us stronger individually but not together and life is to short to wait around settling for whats right by society instead of being happy

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