He isn’t the best, but i fell for him.

What about him that she loves? There are so many answers to that if you would to ask her. Nobody understands how she felt, because obviously only she knows. Despite how much she tried to express her feelings out in frustration.. Nobody is able to help her with her doubts, fears and sadness. She was upset with the fact that it was the stupidest reason to be apart. There are just so many reasons to fall and if you really did love that one person, you will see passed all the negatives and stay on with that person for even if it is just one positive reason. Sadly, there will always be people who can’t accept you. Actually, its your flaws that they can’t accept. Not you. So i guessed he didn’t love me enough, like how he said he’s. There can be so many good things about you but that is probably pointless. Cause just one bad point is enough to ruin everything. You can be so in loved, you can probably be the most perfect , but it ends up to be all fairytales. At this point, you might think “Happy Ever After” only exist in fairytales, which is probably true. 

So back to the question on what makes him different from others. Well, to start off.. I’d be smiling at this point while typing all the good points about him. Before moving to this bad points.. Haha! 

When she first got to know him, he is a friendly person and he is a slightly shy person. After i got to know him, as time goes by.. They fell for each other, and of course thats how everything started. From the start, he don’t really know how to express his love, care and concern for her. However, you can see through those little actions or things he do. For example, he would buy her food when i am hungry, remind her to eat, check on her from time to time to see how she is doing and ask her out whenever he is free since he is always busy with work. They got closer as time passes by. There were quite a few rough times that causes us to be in a state that we hate to be in. Even after all of that, they still stayed close together and realised the importance of each other. She won’t denied that it was difficult. It sure was. Getting through it was, getting over it was. After this incident, she understood that loving someone isn’t always about having them (to yourself) , it is about seeing the person you love, happy. That is a huge sacrifice that one can ever make. It is probably one of the most painful decision (to let go). But if you know that if he can live a better life without you, just set him free and let him be happy. It doesn’t matter how you feel. No matter how much you are hurt, you rather just take it in alone than two person facing the pain together. One person in the relationship got to sacrifice. 

He is always a cheerful and fun person to be with. Whenever she is upset, he would say ” I’ll be there whenever you need me.” When she is nervous, he would say, ” Take a deep breath and try your best and don’t stress otherwise it will affect your performance”. Sometimes, he will joke with me saying that she will never be able to find another guy like him again. And of course, he will never find another girl like her. For one thing i know, whenever someone ask me how is he different from others, she will always say the same thing. “If there is one day, there is only one bowl of rice left, he won’t let each of us have half. But he will give me the whole bowl.” He is the kind of guy that he will sacrifice himself for her. Even if it means hunger for him, he would rather be the one starving than let her starve. He is someone who ensures that she is always full. There is one time when he forgotten that i was hungry and i wanted to eat, and she said, ” I’m hungry”. He have got short term memory and she did not blame him cause she knows him well. He replied,” Do you want to eat? Is there food at home?” Through all these simple questions, she was already satisfied. She knew he was tired so she didn’t ask for anything and just told him to go home quickly after sending her home. 

During valentine day, he still needs to work , and she just went to look for him while waiting for him to end work before going out to celebrate together. They did not have a candlelight dinner or any sort of high class dinner. It was a simple dinner but both were happy. Although it was simple, but they were contented because they have each other. He isn’t a romantic person but he knows how to surprise her. She thought that he did not get her anything for Valentine day so she was kidding around, asking for it. After awhile, she received a gift and flower from the florist. That moment, she was so touched that she didn’t know how to react. She took tons of pictures and thanked him for those. In return, she bought him what she felt that he needs and lack of and he thanked her for it. 

She loves to eat candies, he would get those for her every time they get to the petrol station. One day, he figured out that he should just get one whole tin of it. And he got it. Sometimes, it can be confusing. It is more good points than bad points, or the other way round? Is he good for her? Is she good for him? Many unanswered questions, that some couldn’t even be answered. 

He always ask what her parent think of him. Well, she haven got the answer yet but she managed to create a good impression of him to her parents. She have been saying so many good points about him. Although they could see their daughter was upset and the reason why she was. 

Moving on, his bad points. He have anger management issues. From the start, she really couldn’t accept him for that as it was so difficult to communicate with him sometimes but as she tries to understand him, while he slowly changed for her too. Communication is everything and silence is the worst way as it won’t be able to fix anything to get a clear cut answer. Therefore, they became better for each other. But just cause of that one time ,that the devil got hold of her, he could just give everything up. 

There is a promise make by her to him that she will never be apart from him. However, it ended up that he is the one that says it this time. The moment she saw that text, she broke down. 

Action speaks louder than words”. Anyone can say that they are worried and they care. But if their action does not show, words mean nothing

Not many are willing to change for their partner. He is one of those who is willing to put is ego down sometimes for her, just to have her back. Just to let her know that he needs her. She, being the egoistic one.. also puts down her ego and wrote a long and final text to him before both move on. 

Probably thats the difference between females and males. Males tend to not think of the consequences before making any form of decisions. Having regrets thereafter. While female tend to be taken over by their emotions (way too much sometimes), that they end up making the wrong choice. Females would usually be the one getting upset during the first phase of break ups, while males be all glad that got their “freedom” back. As time past, females will start moving on, while males are the ones getting upset now. 

He isn’t rich, but she doesn’t mind those simple meals with him and he gives whatever he could, to her. 

He isn’t romantic, but he tries his best for her. 

He isn’t like those you see in dramas (caring, know how to express his love for you), but for one thing. He will protect you and risk his life for you. Her life means more than his.

He isn’t the most good looking one out there, but she sees past all these and fell for him regardlessly. 

But why? Out of so many other better ones, why him? Since he have got so many flaws. 

Its him because no one can be like him. He is the one that she fell for because its him 

This is why when people tell her he isn’t worth it or when others say that he isn’t as good of a guy as she think, she still chooses to believe him cause he is someone that did so much for her that all the things that he did for her overweigh his flaws. And of course she puts in effort for him too. (e.g Taking care of him when he is sick, ensuring that he is kept warm when he is cold due to having a fever. Cooking meals for him, getting herbal tea, etc) . 

She isn’t the best, but she knows that even if the whole world would to look down on him, she will still stand by his side. When someone speaks bad about him, she still trust that he isn’t that sort of person and defended for him. (But obviously he wouldnt know what she have done for him). To her, even if she isnt with him anymore, she still protects him secretly (in the shadow)without him knowing. 

She knows that probably he wants to “chase after” to. But she hopes that he is leading on a better life without her. It may be difficult to get over him, but she agrees to him cause his happiness mean everything to her.

Therefore, before making a final decision.. Her reply to him was, ” If that makes you happy”. 

“If he’s happy, She’ll be happy too”. 🙂 

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