tuesday rain

bang! it finally happened. for months the squirrels had been attempting and succeeding at infiltrating the nearly impregnable and carefully placed birdfeeder in our yard. the decorative dispenser, made of hand crafted brass and artfully cut and shaped iron and glass, was a fine piece of workmanship. was, that is, before the squirrels made their latest assualt in order to aquire the tasty golden granules of nuts and shell covered seeds that had just recently been eaten to a point at which it was impossible for the grey furred bandits to easily lift from the small access slots designed for much smaller heads. in what was to be the final attempt at flying through the air and landing on the feeder which was tied to a polyurethane line used by my mother for years to hang laundry had finally given way to the cirque du soleil act being performed upon it daily for the last few months. i had been sitting quietly in my room when i heard the crash and clatter of the whole debacle. 

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