There’s no love left in the world ,

For a girl who loves people more than herself,

Shes quick to get mad,

But quick to ask,

” What can I do to help? “

A girl with a beautiful soul & a heart of gold,

Doesn’t last very long in this word that’s way to cold,

She wants to fit in,

But when she looks around all she see’s is perpetratin’ 

Black women have we lost our goals?

Our morals? Our souls?

We we’re one of a kind, 

but we lost all that at just a drop of a dime,

Trying to justify,

To change our looks,

& You say

” Its all just for style?”

Or to Americanize..?

Because you just want to be accepted in their eyes,

Don’t you loose yourself in the process of trying to gain the world,

That’s what a wise man once told,

So when i say 2-faced i don’t mean,

Pretender, fakes, or beguiling,

I mean confused,

covered up & unwilling,

Unwilling to be understanding,

Unwilling to care,

Because that weave, 

The contacts,

The music,

Got you slippin away in thin air,

& This is not disrespect, 

I just wish you’d wake up,

Or are you just to stubborn to do that ?


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