3/7/2017 – Update

I’m doing okay. Things could be much better. I haven’t been keeping up with this site as much as I want to. I swear I want to make a list of stuff in so I can keep track of everything. But new stuff keeps coming up. There are lists of stuff that I want to make, such as songs, albums, CDs, new releases, old releases, writings, books, internet readings, and other stuff that I can’t think of at this moment.

So far, I need to make sure that I’m up to date with my math work. Also, school is going okay but I need to improve certain grades. Something that would make my life better is if I had more friends, or a better social life. Sometimes, I get lonely and need people to talk to. Hopefully, things get better soon in regards to having a social life and my academics.

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  1. Thanks. But I signed up for 3 clubs at the club fair about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t received any notifications at all for 2 of the clubs. I’ve only received notifications for one club. But your advice is appreciated.

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