Birthdays’s Suck

Ok well , this is my first journal. Well public one anyway. I know that birthday’s are supposed to be all fun & stuff , but not mine. Well i should  say my birthday isn’t today , or tomorrow , but a couple of days from now. I know not EVERYBODY does something for their birthday , but i feel like you get to a certain age where you have to do something. For example, pretty soon i will be turning 19. I know , i know that’s not really an age that determines that you absolutely have to do something , but when it gets to the point where you’ve had many birthday’s where you haven’t done anything, You’ll understand where i’m coming from. Anyway, i made a cake for my birthday ( i know a little soon )  , & everybody in the house completely destroyed it ( Ate it all ) . I only managed to get about 2-3 pieces. It was a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. You would think it would come out not so good but it was actually pretty good. I mean , at least everybody in the house thought so. Well , to sum it all up , for my birthday i will be sitting in the house watching netflix. 

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