Ahhhh, I am so damn bored. All I ever do anymore is watch netflix, sleep, and eat. I don’t even talk to my friends anymore because we are all moving on from our high school lives, but that’s okay. Today is Wednesday so that means law & order svu, and chicago pd!! I am so excited! I love police shows. But anyways, I wanted to start a journal because I want to vent but not to an actual person, ya know? I don’t trust a soul, and i’m better off that way. I can’t deal with phony friends dude it just erks my soul. I had phony friends my whole life. I was in and out of the hospital for 3 months during my senior year of high school and nobody came to see me, not once. It is such a crappy feeling knowing that your “friends” didn’t care enough to come see you. I act like I didn’t care and at first I didn’t, but that kind of thing bugs you after a while. I’m not the type to hold grudges but I can’t let this kind of thing go. Okay, but on to some happier thoughts, I am very happy with my family lately! But anyways, i’m gonna watch a Chicago PD marathon! TTYL :*

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