Day 374 – Snow day, but went to school anyway

Tuesday, March 7th 2017

Today was okay. It was a very lazy day, since it was a snow day. I decided to go to school anyway, in case we had our English test, although that’s never the case.

I started with French. I turned in my editorial and worked on my English rationale while talking to Kohai now and then. We talked about weird dreams we had.

I then had psychology. I worked on my rationale a little more, then played Champions on my phone. I listened to the teacher talk about something with a student now and then, and watched a student colour in the rocket ship on the board that our teacher made. He made a really badly drawn alien, which was funny.

At lunch I ate with Kohai, and she told me she had to talk to my dad. She’s been planning this project for months that I have to wait a year for. No clue why she wanted to talk to my dad. I’m more curious, nervous and excited than ever.
   I made a really quick Photoshop for my board game so I could send it to me dad by email and print it.

I had English next and we played the board game of the person who made the alien. It was basically Clue, but with quotes, characters and locations from 1984. I won, even though I was extremely anxious playing a board game with people I did not know. I was even blanking at moments. I got comfortable though upon learning people’s names and caught up really quickly. I have some few tricks for that game.
   We did another speed round where we just asked each other questions without rolling the dice, and people were naming the same character and quote, but I decided to do otherwise and name a different quote, but if I stuck with the quotes, I would have won.

I finished the day with art and continued painting the moon I’m working on. I also talked about Destiny (the game on the PS4) with the person next to me, since he was drawing a Warlock.

My dad drove me and Kohai home. She talked to my dad about the mysterious project, and meanwhile her sister was asking from the door what was happening.

At home I relaxed on the server, ate, then worked on the board game with my dad. After some complications, we completed it. The gameplay might be a little hard, but I can always change it a little in the future if I want to.

That’s all for today.

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