Day 9/ How can I not think

My head is full of negative thoughts.

These thoughts bring me down.

I don’t know how to ignore or stop.

I wonder what would happen if I kept listening to the voice I hear.

I sometimes feel that could be the answer for getting out of this vicious circle.

When I feel weak, I just want to surrender.

Just take me wherever the place I would not have to feel this pain.


4 thoughts on “Day 9/ How can I not think”

  1. The voice, if it’s not saying good stuff, try not to listen. I know you are trying, but don’t let it do bad things to you. Someone is listening. There’s got to be someone who will listen. Don’t let it be the only voice you hear. I hope you feel better.

  2. Miffy you’re not the only person that feels this way. Can you write an entire journal entry of what you do in that entire day? I’m just curious to know if there’s anything you do in particular that causes you to feel this way, or if it’s the environment you’re in, or your thinking, or other factors.

    You can check out my latest entry for an example of what that looks like. Or yesterday’s entry, Day 134, as that one I wrote a lot in. Then post your own version for Day 10.

    Okay? Post a longgggg entry for Day 10, go into as much detail as you can of what happens in your day.

  3. Hi Megawatt, Thank you for leaving me comments always. Nothing special causes me the way I feel. Everything has been the same. I guess something is wrong with my brain. Sometimes,I feel bad, I feel extra bad, I feel ok in the same situation. I don’t expect people could understand that. I just write my feelings here.

  4. i understand it. i am starting therapy tomorrow. i hope it helps me.

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