Insensitive af.

my Boyfriend don’t know how much it affects me that he keep liking other girls picture sometimes i ignore it but sometimes I really can’t I just have to break down and cry … but for him it’s very easy. I don’t want to look childish but is it wrong? I’m sorry I can’t control my emotions.

2 thoughts on “Insensitive af.”

  1. you should definitely say something to him, and tell him that it bothers you. I had an ex like that and he ended up dating the girl he kept liking pictures of… best of luck!

  2. Don’t let anyone make you become fearful or make you feel like you don’t have feelings at all. If it bothers you, speak up and if he ignores your request then forget about him. Someone who truly loves you and respects you will be able to fix things, not continue to hurt you.

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