Is it worth it?

Usually in a relationship , you have some good days , & some bad days. Although, i feel like when it becomes all bad days , is when you should call it quits. He’s in the military so he’s far away. He means everything to me , but i cant stand being alone. My heart goes out to him. I miss his touch, his scent, the way he talks, & him just holding me at night. We argue everyday , we cant ever just have a day where we are both calm. Maybe it because we are both under a lot of stress in out personal lives. But i want him to know how much i love & miss him. Being away from him makes me unhappy. Sometimes it makes me want to cry but i’m to afraid to admit. i don’t like being vulnerable. I don’t like letting people know that they have the power to hurt my feelings. It’s how iv’e always been. The arguments are really bad. He tries to control everything i do. I’m the type of girl that likes her space. I don’t like to tell somebody everything that i do. I just want to do it. I mean i’m old enough. (lol) Hopefully things change. & Hopefully i figure out , if it’s worth it. 

One thought on “Is it worth it?”

  1. I don’t think he’s trying to control you, maybe he’s just trying to show he cares and is worried about you and stuff and thats kinda hard to do being away , and maybe u should open up more to him, and I’m pretty sure he loves u too

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