Murder in the heartland

Back in February there was a crime that caught the attention of the nation. In the rural, cookie cutter town of Delphi Indiana two teenager girls went for a mid day hike and never made it back. Their bodies were found on Valentine’s day. For some reason, this tragedy has stayed with me. Maybe it’s because I read a lot of crime themed news. Maybe it is because I am some what morbid. Or maybe it was because these girls were 13 & 14 years old and I am the mom to children of a similar age. It is probably all of these reasons.

I check and recheck for updates. I pray for the killer to be caught. The reward to find the murderer is quite the handsome sum at this point. I believe it is around $90,000 to 100 k at this point. Reward or not, I hope that if some one knows something that they have the decency and conscious to speak up.

What really, really brings tears to my eyes is that these girls tried to document what had happened to them. There was a fuzzy picture on one of their phones as well as an audio recording of the suspect saying “down the hill.” I hope that the evidence the girls left us with helps to bring justice. They may be deceased, but they are heros.

I talk about current issues with my kids. I warn them about the uglier parts of society, not to make them fearful, but to make them aware and vigilant. I told them the story about these girls (Liberty German & Abigail Williams). We talk about what to do if a stranger tries to abduct them.

This weeks update on the story reveal that this case might be connected to another case near by. Two cousins were killed in a very similar situation (riding bikes along a trail). Now the speculation that there is a serial killer out there in Indiana who prays upon children.

I really hope this does not become a cold case.

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