Week 1 No Synthroid

Technically I am on my 10th day of no synthroid. I have been taking synthroid for the last 8 years 100mg every single day. The minute I stopped was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I finally feel normal. A normal 20-something. I have spent the last 5 years struggling so much just to get through life and wondering why life was never normal for me like it was for everyone else my age. I just could not keep up, and my medicine and disease was literally sucking the life out of me. I got super depressed because I am in the prime of my years and I had to sit by in pain and watch it pass me by. There was nothing I could do. I no longer feel that way anymore. I got off my synthroid, improved my diet and started doing these things everyday:

  1. Probiotics- twice a day. when I wake up and before bed. 
  2. Zinc – once daily
  3. Selenium – once daily
  4. HCL with pepsin – every meal
  5. No alcohol, and healthy organic clean diet. No shit food. 

The zinc and selenium are really efficient in aiding the production of T4 to free T3. Synthroid does not do this at all. It just fills your body up with T4 and you get more and more deficient of everything throughout the years. Probiotics will clean and strengthen your gut and intenstines, and with a healthy gut you have a healthy immune system which means no longer auto-immune. The HCL helps so much in digestion omg!!! I do not get tired to the point where I wanna die after meals. If you take the HCL your thyroid does not have to work so hard at helping your body digest. Plus a good percentage of people with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism have low stomach acid due to being deficient. All of these natural remedies are completely side effect free and good for you. I am waiting for a month without synthroid and my doctor will be testing me again. If any of my symptoms return I may consider taking Naturethroid which has the T4 and T3 and works much better at aiding in Hashimoto’s symptoms and all the thyroid hormones. However, I am hoping with all my self remedies I will not need to worry about thyroid medicine ever again. The improvements I have felt this week are:

  1. Huge increase in energy. 
  2. Not tired after meals. 
  3. No head or mental fog. 
  4. Clear mind.
  5. No headaches. 
  6. No depression symptoms. 
  7. Weight loss = 6 pounds. 
  8. No dark circles. 
  9. No swollen thyroid. 

I will post every week my improvements and my journey with healing this insane life-sucking epidemic of our time. I do not trust western medicine with chronic issues like this anymore. you cant just throw a pill at a chronic disease. The medicine will most likely have most awful side effects and can in turn cause worst problems over prolonged use. I did the research myself, came up with a comprehensive plan to balance and make my body non-deficient. I also started a personal trainer yesterday. I have so much energy, I feel like I can finally start chasing my fitness goals I have had for so long. I am no longer fighting an uphill battle with my Hashimoto’s so my body will continue to lose weight while I get in shape. 

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