You’re Gone.

3 a.m. and my thoughts are full of you. Do you miss me? I can’t help but miss you too. The moon’s light shines against the velvet sky as I lay here in an empty bed for two. I try to hold back the memory of you, but somehow you creep into my mind without permission. I miss the touch of your skin pressed against mine, the feeling of losing ourselves in the darkness. Please tell me how it was easy for you to walk away from us? People say you’re hurting too, but you would be here right now if that was the case. Instead you’re out in this world enjoying life without me in it. Was that your plan all along? To lead me on, take what you needed and disappear? Man you’re clever and I being smart, I failed to notice. Everyone was born to love, but you break hearts like you’re a criminal. Maybe it’s because you’re too afraid to love or to accept love from someone else. To be honest you had no one who loved you and supported you like I did, so why run away from that one person? Your decision will never be clear to me, because you left with a million reasons to sort through. I will continue to try to dissect every move, thought and word you spilled to me that night before you walked out the door. Hopefully I will be able to get the closure that I need, but the only thing I want from this, the only closure I need from all of this is from you. I need you to tell me you fucked up. I am dying to hear those words.

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