I am no longer a blonde. Yesterday I dyed my hair and it turned out a chocolate-greyish colour. The colour is peculiar, but I like it. One of the girls in my class who I admire most has complimented it.

Today I had school till 3 o’clock. I have finally had my goddamn oral exam in History. It’s a C. I’m happy with it. It’s just History after all. Got an A on my essay in English. The teacher really loved the damn thing. I felt proud.

Hailey, Violet and I are making some cakes Wednesday next week. We’re going to be selling them at our school on Thursday. We’re free to make any dessert we wish, so Violet suggested we make fucking crêpes suzette. Of course we can’t flambé fucking pancakes at school so we decided to make a chocolate tarte.

When I got home, I discovered that Mum hadn’t really made anything to eat. We ordered pizza. It was great cheesy pizza, but with too much oregano.

French class was boring. At around 9 I went to study Geography for the test tomorrow. I didn’t study much.

One thought on “3/9/2017”

  1. It’s so cool that you’ve dyed your hair a completely new color. I’m sure it looks great on you. My friend recently dip-dyed the bottom of her hair green, and it’s really made me want to change my hair color, too. My parents would never allow it, though, they’re too strict xD

    Have a great Friday!

    Oh, and I guess you should change your bio now, since you no longer have blonde hair?

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