3 years ago I missed out on a great guy

Almost three years ago I missed my chance on a great guy. But how can i blamed myself when I know my heart was not ready yet for a new love. It was still taken by someone else and it was so much bruised and broken that it was impossible for this heart of mine to have beat for him.

But now that I’m ready to open my heart after so much time. Now that my heart skip a bit every time i see him and that now my heart beat faster every time we talk and I feel those butterflies inside my stomach making me feel nervous, I don’t even know if he still likes me.

It was just the wrong timing of life. I can’t be mad at him  if now he won’t ask me out again.

Let’s be honest, nobody would asked again a second time after being turn down the first time.

This is suicide of our pride and ego.

If only you know how much i want you to ask me again now.

I miss my chance on you. I miss my chance on something that could  have been beautiful.

But i simply can’t do anything about it.



2 thoughts on “3 years ago I missed out on a great guy”

  1. I think you should speak to him about how you feel.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I’ve been thinking about it for a few months now but i still don’t have the courage to tell him that.

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