All take no give

I have a massive tendency to let people walk all over me.  As a sufferer of depression I never want another individual to experience that overwhelming sense of loneliness.  

Whenever a friend has a problem they usually turn to me.  They know that I will listen and try to support them in whatever way I can.  The thing is it doesn’t usually work two ways.  

I have a friend who’s just moved to the same city as me.  She keeps trying to persuade me to go on nights out with her because she doesn’t know anyone and wants to meet females (she’s bisexual).  She knows I have stopped drinking, she is aware that I will find it difficult to go out.  She keeps pushing me and doesn’t seem to take no for an answer.

It is in my nature to say yes, because I am a pushover and don’t like the thought of her being sad or lonely.  However I need to be strong I need to say a firm No! I have been almost four weeks without a drink, I cannot jepodise that! 


2 thoughts on “All take no give”

  1. What if you changed your name to “ihateginandtonic”?
    It could be a psychology related thing, but you will most likely start to hate gin and tonic.

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