Day 375

Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Today was good.

I started off with art. I painted my background for my face. It’s a blue-ish light grey in diagonal lines, slightly darker at the edges.

I had a test in English, which I didn’t think I did great, but not bad either. Our teacher opened the window and although the wind blew my paper away (luckily it flew to the front of the class, and I’m the furthest front, so I wouldn’t be accused of cheating if it went next to somebody), but the breeze was amazing. It was warm in the class and the breeze was nice and cool—it felt like summer. I think it affected my reader’s response, because I wrote “pleasant” as the mood for the text.

At lunch I sat with Kohai. After some talking with her friend, we went to print out our debate papers. Someone was there asking about her editorial and if her title was good, and I said yes at that time or “I wouldn’t know”, but now that I think about it, her title could have been a little different. Well, no, I think it was good. Yeah, I liked her title. 

I had psychology next, but there was a substitute. I wrote down my answers to the questions on the paper the sub gave us (the sub looks so young, probably recently graduated or just baby faced), and since it was on the theory of Marlow, one of the questions was “what would be your biggest accomplishment in life, or your ‘craziest dream’?”. I thought about it for a moment, and I realised that the greatest accomplishment that I want to achieve is affect as much lives as possible positively. It kinda hit me in the face and I’m more motivated to be positive and help others than ever before. I love my psychology class. Makes you think a lot about life and us as humans.

I finished the day with French. We listened to one debate and of course the girl that’s a jerk did barely any work; her argument was one phrase. But other than that, we started watching a movie cause our teacher had a volleyball tournament afterwards. It’s a Quebecois film called “Monsieur Lazhard”, I think. I know it’s Lazhard, but I might of spelled it wrong. Regardless, it’s a movie about a 6th grade teacher committing suicide in a classroom and the kids have to deal with that. The new teacher is also a refugee and his family was killed recently. Pretty depressing film, but incredibly interesting, if you view it psychologically.

At home I played on the server, ate shawarmas, played Horizon again, then watched X Company. Spoilers like last time : Why did Alfred and Aurora decide to do the do in the middle of an air raid, where they planted a bomb? Ugh. I hope they stop doing things like these. They didn’t before… Although, now I know Franz is actually on the revolution side, because he was trying his best to save Sinclair, but being forced to arrest him because of being found out. Though Sinclair ended up killing himself to avoid interrogation, but seeing him reunite with his son was just amazing. I feel bad for his son now. He’ll most likely be killed since he isn’t needed anymore.

That’s all for today.

Edit : Ha, tried submitting, but it failed, cause I lost connection. Luckily I knew this could happen, so I copied everything I said and I can just paste it. I ain’t writing my entry again like I did so many times before when that would happen!

4 thoughts on “Day 375”

  1. XD good thing you caught it before the journal entry erased itself. That must be frustrating to write the same thing over.

    That’s a really good dream you wrote down in psychology class today Obs, I’m sure you’ll help a lot of people someday 🙂

    But reality is a lot tougher. I have basically the same end goal, by the time I die I want to have heavily changed the world in a positive way. But if you read a lot of people’s entries here, life isn’t so easy in the adult world. School is easy, dream big, few consequences. You will eventually understand.

    But thanks for joining me, let’s change the world together 🙂

  2. I think it is great that you want to be a help to other people. There is such a need!! People sometimes just need a kind word or a hug, or sometimes a friend. I know you will be awesome!

  3. Anyway Obs, I say the adult world is difficult, but it’s not super difficult. You just have to put effort in, but anything that you want is attainable. Most things take time, often years. What you want down the road, you have to work for today. Most people don’t get that, and they make it to their deathbeds with regrets and few accomplishments.

    Anyway, thanks again for going on the journey with me. Life is a lot easier to face when you have someone you can rely on that shares the same philosophies and ideals as you.

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