I Love Her

I’m in love with her but she don’t understand the love I got for her. I be stressing about her and over her each and every day. I worry about her and her safety cause it’s more stressful not being there, not being able to help her out and protect her cause u ain’t there. That’s y I ask so many questions cause I just b worrying and caring for her and about her. It’s different and hard not being able to b there for her . She gets mad at me cause I ask so many questions she gets irritated and annoyed but I don’t be trying to make her feel like nun of that at all. I just want her to b happy, I hate when we argue , I hate when she mad or sum at me it makes me all frustrated and irritated and i b hating myself and I b feelin bad cause i hate makin her mad or something especially at me , i b getting so mad tho and frustrated ¬†sometimes when she mad at me and I literally would not know what I did, or if it’s like over something small,but like I love her so much and I don’t wanna lose her, I’m in the military in Virginia and she back home , we’re trying to make this relationship work, I want this relationship to work, I’ve grown so attached to her, I love her so much, she’s got my whole heart, she’s my world, I would do anything for her, I don’t wanna lose her, I plan on marrying her one day, just gotta overcome this little obstacle and we good.

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  1. That’s very sweet & whoever your girlfriend is , she is very lucky to have a boyfriend like you. You seem like a very great guy who really loves his girlfriend & i wish you both the best.

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