Justifying Lazy

Before I justify lazy, I’d like to say happy birthday to my Dad in heaven. Dad didn’t really foster laziness but I’m thinking he knows sometimes all of us need to take a break. In your honor, I’ll go sweep the patio and pull weeds. Two jobs you always gave me, at least I can be outside while I do them.

People think because I work at home that I have this easier life. And in some ways I do. No lazy co workers driving me insane is my favorite part. But I work all the time from morning till I go to bed. I really do stay focused and work every bit of 12-14 hour days even though I’m at home. I sometimes go days without ever leaving the house. For many years, I haven’t taken any days off between August and February other than Christmas. I even worked on Thanksgiving until the last 2 years. This year it started even earlier, I’ve been going full steam since last June. The last 3 months I’ve been carving out time for someone special, not working Saturday or Sunday nights. I’ve taken a few days off here and there and nights off during the week. But I’ve still been tired, mentally exhausted. My work takes a lot of imagination and people pay me a lot of money and expect everything to be perfect and amazing. It is a lot of pressure, especially sometimes when I just don’t connect with what they want and I have to really pull things out of thin air. And here I am on March 9th with only 3 orders left for the whole month. It is the most wonderful feeling, like being on one of those stay-cations. So many things I’ve been waiting to do… clean the car, recover cushions, clean clean and more cleaning, walk the dog on the beach, the list goes on… but all I can seem to do is be a lazy bum. Right now I should be doing some of my remaining amazing work, or doing my taxes or scheduling out next year’s work. But going outside sounds so much more appealing. I can always get up and be productive tomorrow.. enjoy laziness since once June hits, procrastination will have no longer have a place in my life. Me this week:

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