Now my Email doesn’t work again

Well….I can blog now but my email is not working.  Computers are so frustrating at times.  I collected my poetry and had 70 pages.  I’m excited about that!  I have lost a few over the years, including some I won college awards for.  But it’s still a good collection.  It is so ME.  There are poems about my grandparents, my hubby, my grandsons, and a lot of poems about Jesus.  I love my family!  There are a lot of nature poems too.  I designed the cover—a yellow Iris with patterned borders of green/brown.  It is so pretty.  I wish you could all see it. I don’t know how to put a photo on here.  I’m so computer dumb.  I also have a collection of about 8 short stories.  One needs work, but the others are ready to send off to a contest.  Wish me luck!  (smile)

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