To The Girl Who Stopped Me From Getting Married

I never hated you. I sincerely wanted to say thank you.
You were that dead end sign along the road I’m taking which made me turn the other way.
You were the storm that wrecked me which made me take back who I’m meant to be.

If it weren’t for you, I would have said yes.
But thank you for saving me from a miserable plight.
My eyes were opened to the truth that I chose to ignore for many years.

You may like the things I like, dress the way I do, speak and act with the same manner.
You’re free to think that you have everything I wished for. You may think you have what’s supposedly mine.
But let me clarify that there is one thing you cannot possess: my identity in Christ.

If there is any ounce of feeling toward you, i sincerely feel sorry.
I feel sorry that you don’t know your worth.
I feel sorry that you have to settle for an affection that is brought by a need for empathy.

May you find the ultimate source for that empty feeling inside you.
Love is never selfish and doesn’t cause us to hurt others.
You wouldn’t understand if you haven’t encountered a love that’s pure.

I never hated you. And I have forgiven you for the pain you’ve caused me.
Thank you for letting me see that I am worth so much more.
Thank you for giving me back that one chance I thought I lost to be with the right person.

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