Tomorrow I’ll probably have an interview to conduct with someone who works in the district’s administrative offices. I was going to interview our school nurse, but she told me she didn’t have the authority to answer any questions I have, so…

I’m scared but also elated that I will have the chance to get the interview sooner. I haven’t finished the survey yet, but that’s alright… I’ll figure it out. Just convince some people I know to do it. Or pass out QR codes in the grocery store or some shit.

I just took a computer programming test. I’m actually still in the class, typing on my designated computer. The test wasn’t hard. It was very similar to a program we did a short while back. Hopefully, it’ll bump my average up. (Note that this draft was started in class; I wrote the rest later).

I have a math test next period. Joy. I’m not super worried. My friend said it isn’t hard, and I trust her judgment. *Update: It wasn’t hard.

I have to think about whether or not I want to take the physics lab practical tomorrow. I kind of want to, but I kind of don’t. Conflicted.

I just wrote a long bit about this Instagram thing that happened, but I accidentally closed the tab, and it all disappeared. Sigh. Anyway, it was about this girl going off on me because I commented that I thought Snape was a good character but not a good person. She was replying to everyone who commented anything similar, though. It was a little bit much because she kept saying that they were all “narrow-minded” and had “black-and-white” thinking when all they said was something vague about personally not liking Snape. If I had found a James-Potter-hate post, I would have had to swallow my outrage because I love James, but I wouldn’t have personally started replying to every single JP hater… What is even the point? You can have your opinion on a fictional character, just as I can have my opinion. But anyway.

I’ve been feeling really emotional lately. I start tearing up at the stupidest things, like dumb videos I watch on Instagram. Fuck me.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow.”

  1. Hi PrettyInBlack,

    I just wanted to thank you for you response to my post. I in no way, shape, or form was offended by anything you said. It’s quite the contrary actually. I was rather impressed by the points you made. You really made me think (in a good way) so thank you for that.

    ps I love both Snape and James!

  2. I agree on Snape being a good character but not a good person. But his mistakes make him even more likeable to me. I might have a soft spot for dark characters struggling with their own flaws. But then, I am also an outspoken fan of characters like Prince Hans or Littlefinger, so maybe my taste is not an example I’d recommend you to follow. 😉
    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Judged by what you say, write and do, you are awesome.

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