Day 376 – Sexism

Thursday, March 9th 2017

Today was mixed.

I started with English. People presented their games and I poorly did mine, since I was just quickly explaining the rules when there was only five minutes left to class, and I realised how the game can only be played once and saw so many other flaws with it, but it is my first time creating a game from scratch, so it’s to be expected. But we played someone’s version of mafia, and I was part of the mafia as always. Most of the important roles were taken out on the first round. The gamemaker even said “How do I explain this?”

Someone kept accusing me from the start, because I was being quiet. Someone else and I responded that I’m always quiet when he said it. I managed to last for quite a while, but I did a bad move by killing the accuser later in the game. I thought that maybe people would see as if the mafia was framing me, but enough people voted against me and I got voted out. I also thought because I voted for a fellow mafia member, since they were gonna be voted out anyway, that it’d show I wouldn’t be the mafia, cause why would you vote out your teammate? But nope. My other teammate almost won. Three people were left and unfortunately both voted for her.

I had art next and we learned some watercolour techniques.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and we talked about various things. I’m glad this time the music in the cafeteria wasn’t so loud. They put music on the speakers every Thursday and sometimes it’s so incredibly loud that’s it’s impossible to talk with your friends. This time it was loud enough for us to hear, but quiet enough to talk with our friends.

I had French and we did our debate. I kinda stared at the floor in front of me most of my time while counter argueing, but I think the points I presented were well done, especially since counter argueing requires a little bit of improvising. Also, Kohai and I were wearing the same shirt again. Every time I decide to wear that shirt, she does to. I find that amazing, but kinda like a game : try and wear it on a day she doesn’t.

I finished with psychology and we took notes as always.

In the bus on the way home, I just… Why. There was a guy who brought a “Make America great again” hat, which his group of friends responded with yelling and pushing, as to be expected, then there was a conversation I didn’t bother listening to until a guy, possibly an exchange student, since I could hear his accent and I believe someone mentioned that he was, said “F* women, except the one I’m marrying.” At first I thought it was a poorly made joke, but oh no, he was serious.

An acquaintance of mine, who’s in a grade younger than me, also went to the same elementary school and would talk to me at the bus stop in the past, started debating about equal rights, and that she’s a feminist. He said that she should stop fighting, because apparently, we have more than men. She retorted that first off, she wants equality, not have more, and second, that isn’t true. Then it went on a serious topic which he lost on, then resulted to saying “I don’t respect you”. The girl was fuming, but was too speechless to say anything more. My friend reassured her before leaving and the girl went to the back of the bus, since she was seated next to him. I wish I reassured her. I really wanted to and it could have helped, but I didn’t know what to say. I was just praying that the guy thinks twice about what he said. I was also disappointed by the support he was getting from another guy, and how the other guys were tolerant. Later I saw him put his hood up and hide it around his face. It might of been guilt, shame, or just wanting to be alone after, I’m not sure. I hope it’s the first two.

At home I was exhausted, so I played on the server, ate played some more Knights of the Old Republic and then started watching a documentary about 12 year old girls living alone for a week(?). Oh my gosh, my 12 year old self would go mad, and not the way the girls did, but by being so fed up with them. I’d probably find an empty room, lock myself in every single day and cook only for myself (although I didn’t know how to cook at 12, so attempt to). I wouldn’t eat food that was made from the other girls cause they did not know how to cook at all, except one of them, and when I would I’d help clean right afterwards. Speaking about cleaning, the house was also a total mess, especially because of all the drama and fighting that involved throwing water on each other, and food in each other’s beds. I kinda want to participate in something like this for people my age, but at the same time, don’t. I don’t wanna deal with a whole bunch of drama, but I kinda wanna try dodge it, sort of like a survival show. Is that weird? Maybe.

That’s all for today.


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  1. I feel for your friend. People still don’t understand that feminism isn’t about having “more” rights, it’s about having men respect women as EQUALS. Yeesh. I always get so frustrated trying to explain that to people, I just can’t even.

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