My boyfriend and I have been together for little over a year now and I still get jealous over his friends.

He has a variety of friends. He has friends that are girls and friends that are guys. They are all extremely close. Close enough that it makes me jealous because I don’t have that connection with him like they do because they have been friends with each other for a long period of time. I get jealous because I can’t have that connection.

The life long question about whether guys and girls can just be friends still wonders about my mind. I get extremely jealous at times because I feel like my boyfriend will fall for one of them and ditch me in the process. It’s a girls thinking process. I mean truly it is.

The one thing that I have to always remind myself is that if he wanted to be them he wouldnt be with me. He’d be with them. Thats what I have to remind myself constintley. Should I have to do that? No of course not, but theres no way for me to get over that fact when I am a girl with hormones and have been cheated on in the past I am still going to get jealous. It’s just a thing that happens.


Moral of the story is that if your boyfriend or girlfriend have a friend of the opposite sex DO NOT assume there is something more there. Sit down with your significant other and ask questions, but don’t get upset. Just ask questions. Thats all you have to do! I promise!

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