My Empathic Gifts !!!


Is both a Blessing and a Curse,   I can feel and know people’s hidden emotions no matter if they are positive or negative and I also sense if you are lying right in front of my face.  

It has been a learning experience for me  I had a moment  I  want experimenting my abilities,  then on other days I just want to close myself off from the world.   However, I can’t close myself off because of my other Psychic abilities they are co-existing with one or another.

P#45 is really testing my empathic abilities to the point  I  had to close myself off from people who is a proud supporter of this disgusting man, he is really draining me normally I would put up a strong shield but it seems he is slowly but surely chipping it away. 

 It is an ongoing spiritual battle within myself and I am determined to get through this for the next four years. 

Sommer .


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