Who am I ?

Day two
It day two of who am I guys and there will be updates on my reading anyway let start 🙂

Things have still haven’t changed and only 3 more months of school left and I’m so excited for summer to start but I still wounder who ami and how do I fit in I tried with shoes cloths but that didn’t work….I still get jealous when my friend talks to her friend more than me and she says that she hangs out more with Ladan than me witch that’s not Evan true and she knows that because we hanged out more than we hanged out with Ladan and she’s know thats and she shouldn’t lie about that?

I still wounder wut about why Is kids calling me names like slut or hows that dick and I still don’t know why they are calling me names Evan though I stick up for myself but I still wounder why why me and I act just like them but in a nice way but I still wounder of this will happen again in high school but I’m only two years apart from high school but eh…if they come then I might just say something back:)

I wounder who am I when I get in high school but I worry that I won’t make any friends in high school because in high school friends fall apart and u can’t get them back for reasons and I’m afraid that all be all alone but the most important thing is school i need to get good grades but…will I ever find love in my life or all be all alone….?

Ther will be more update soon so g2g chow chow 😊✌🏻

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  1. Dont worry about losing your friends in high school! I am currently in my first year of high school and when I left middle school, all of my friends went to the same private school. But since I have problems at home I had to go to a public school. I was really worried because I thought that I would lose my friends but turns out I didn’t! Even though we all go to a different school we still talk to each other almost everyday and hang out on the weekends!

    And I’m sorry to here that your going through a tough time but dont worry! I promise everything will turn out ok, if your really having problems go talk to your friend so you can figure out the situation together!

    lol sorry if this comment did not make sense but I hope it lessen your worries!

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