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i’ve come across the idea that we should speak the truth no matter the consequences. and that we should act in a way that never prevents us from speaking the truth. that’s a compelling idea right? and that christian thought is that truth is the highest ‘thing.’ spoken truth. i need to look into that more. articulated truth prevents horrors.

bad things can result of speaking the truth. but bad things can arise from not speaking truth. i dunno. i feel intuitively that this is very important. it’s already making small changes to the way i act. i’m not speaking whole truths without any thought of consequence, but i’m speaking more truths with less thought of consequence. and i’m becoming more willing to speak even more truths with even less concern for the consequences.

and i’m not talking about petty shit. although i don’t want to diminish the importance petty shit can play in people’s lives. but i’m talking about serious things fundamental to myself or to all of us. deeply private things, controversial things, things that need to be said and understood by everyone. you need to learn and understand them, then be capable of articulating them, then be willing to put them forth despite what happens.

interesting and liberating ideas i reckon.

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