Who am I ?

Day one
What should I start with oh…ur probably wondering why the title says who am I,am I tomboy,a nerd,a jerk or miss pretty. Everyone is trying to see where they fit in or try to see who they really are I wounder that to but we never know and we try and try to ft in but it seems like we can’t but first let’s see who am I? I use to get jealous of my friends making more friends and I’m still am but they don’t know cause I barely any friends at my school and I try to be friends but I’m just the shai kid who always shai in the background and saying nothing but I tryed making a friend and I meat someone he was nice,cool and pretty smart to oh and he’s popular and I like him but I can’t…my friend likes him too and I have to keep my secret to myself or things happen. That day I gave him that note he asked my friend and said Was that black girl…and he ripped the note I cried a little bit…but I nevered talked to him then….things just go the way they you want them to and there’s nothing u can do about it all u need to do is forget about it but I nevered did….anyway that’s where I should start and finish but it was fun and I hoped u enjoyed and I guess we still have to find out who am I?….bye

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