The worst thing is when you feel like you need “oh but just that one thing” and then you can continue being happy and making your life good. You tell yourself “I’m not in that horrible of a place right now with my life, but once I get a boyfriend (or dye my hair this great colour, or have sex for the first time, or try sushi) I’ll really try hard and have the best life I’ve ever had. Then, I’ll be satisfied.” That’s soooo wrong. Soooo horrible. I’m doing it right now to myself. It blocks you from doing anything without fantasising or thinking about how empty you feel without this or that thing that you can’t get at the monent. By doing that, you simply waste your time. And we all know that we don’t have much of that stuff to begin with.

I’d also like to mention how much I hate going to shopping centres or any place like that. To bigger cities and stuff. You think you look good, you’re dressed well, then you go to the bathroom and see some girl looking as if God Himself picked out her outfit putting Kylie Jenner’s goddamn lip kit on her pout. She doesn’t even have to be pretty. It’s just that you feel like she’s better than you. Not only that, but then she takes her motherfucking highlighter out and puts it on her cheeks. At this point you feel INFERIOR to her. Most European white girls nowadays look the same. They do their makeup the same, they all wear the same shoes, the same glasses, the same pants. It frustrates me. Everybody wants to be original. But nothing is new anymore. Not even crazy hair colours, or piercings, or tattoos. Everybody’s got everything.

Also, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is fucking awesome.

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