Day 12/ Having nightmares

I try to stay asleep so that I don’t have to face the reality.

But while sleeping, I am being tortured by nightmares.

When I wake up, I am not sure whether I should feel relieved that it was dream or not.

In reality, I am suffered with this horrible feeling.

Even while I am asleep, there is no way out.

I wonder if there is a place I could feel well.

I cannot help but ask myself if I still know how to feel good.

I am scared of being awake.

Now I am scared of going sleep.

I feel hopeless.


2 thoughts on “Day 12/ Having nightmares”

  1. Dear Miffy, you are not alone in having bipolar 2. It is difficult, but you can get help. Are you on a medication for it? I have done well on Abilify. Ask your doctor to let you try it. Also, think a lot about how much God loves you. He does, you know. You are very precious and dear to Him, no matter how you feel. He will help you. Ask Him to help. Bless you…..Grace.

  2. I, too, face nightmares almost every night. It works for me to tell myself that it is nothing but a dream, but that doesn’t make my dreams any less terrifying. To feel well, you must find your happy place within yourself. Though it is not easy, and I am still working on this after seven years, I can say even though my dreams are still bad, my reality is much better. I hope one day yours can be, too.

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