Journal Day 138 – A Joyful Friday

Friday, March 10th 2017

It is really, really hard to come up with a proper journal title. The day was full of many different events, and each one of these events can have its own title. This sucks for SEO too, because, “A Joyful Friday” is something no one will ever search for online. Oh well. I tend to write a lot of important ideas in these entries that go by unnoticed.

Surprisingly I woke up very energetic this morning. I fell asleep at around 2:20 AM last night, and woke up at 6:50 AM, but I had full energy. My mood was great, my energy was phenomenal, and surprisingly even after a full day, it’s 10 PM as I write this, I still have a lot of energy available. I believe it’s because I woke up on a perfect point in the rem cycle.

Surprisingly I’m writing this the next day now, on Saturday at 9:30 AM. But I do agree still that I had full energy throughout the entire day and even throughout the night.

So my parents didn’t even have to wake me up. I heard the TV turn on in the living room and heard my dad doing his normal exercise routines, I heard his bones cracking and him grunting as he did exercises. My bones crack too actually, and I just made my bones crack right now.

For some reason when I stand up and then do a full squat, my knees crack. Both of them. It sounds really loud, like *schnapppp*, from both knees. I don’t feel any pain or any discomfort whatsoever though. But now that I think about it, that sound is made from my bones rubbing together quickly and snapping into place, and that really sounds icky when you think about it.

From my parents waking up, I woke up. But I didn’t want to get up yet. I went back to sleep until around 6:50? Then I woke up for real, stood up, took a shower, and then drove my mom to the office. I was surprisingly in a good mood, and I surprisingly had a good amount of energy. I’m not kidding. Usually I feel like shit when I only have a couple hours of sleep and have to drive my mom to work at 7 AM, but today was different.

At work, I got there early as well, and just did my normal morning routine. There was a presentation and Chil-Fil-A brought in, in the morning. I didn’t have any. No. I often skip out on so many foods that the office brings in because it’s disgusting to me, but more on that later.

During the presentation I thought about my future, honestly, and what I planned for it. I already know my plans. I was just a little terrified, but I enforced myself, I had to be strong, I had to keep exercising daily and losing weight daily, and I had to save up money. I have no excuses.

The presentation was made by my boss and it was about my team and our transition to a few of us becoming Solutions Engineers, and our merge with another team, and other related news. I knew what it was about, so I didn’t pay attention. Spaced out the entire time. I was way too busy, honestly, imagining what the future would be like, and I was in pain. Still in a great mood, but in mental pain.

I’m being vague about my future plans intentionally, because I’ve only told my dad, and he fully supports me on it. I don’t think I can tell anyone else because no one else would be supportive of it. Well, Obs would be supportive of it, and maybe my mom, but I don’t want to tell them until after the fact. My dad told me to save up a lot of money first, $30,000 before I go through with it, so that’s a goal of mine. That’s why I write about saving money and why I rarely spend any money, because I’m forced to. It was only a few months back that I talked to my dad about this by the way, so this was a recent thing, and I wrote about it in full detail in an entry somewhere.

Throughout the day I did my normal work routine. I spoke with the person in India, and he told me on Thursday, yesterday, that this was going to be our last meeting until Wednesday because he was going to the Holi festival. So in today’s meeting, we were productive. I taught him a few different things, instructed him on a new process on how tasks were going to be assigned to him and how he was supposed to assign tasks to us for review.

I’m the one that did all the training and all the planning for him by the way. They just gave me full responsibility for having it done, and for that I wrote a 50+ page instruction manual, I got a lesson plan ready, and taught him each meeting and came up with tasks for him to do as training to have done before each meeting. It was great. I learned a lot from the experience, and I got recognized as well for the experience, loot crated last week, and a raise that I haven’t gotten yet.

But after the meeting, I dropped off the computer on my desk, and went to the kitchen for some food. As I was grabbing some food, my boss comes by and invites me to a meeting room to talk about the raise proposal I sent him. He basically said the numbers were set, and now it just has to go through approval, and I should see a raise in a few weeks? Maybe? Processes can be really slow sometimes so I don’t know when it will come. But I’ll be happy.

I did normal work throughout the entire day. Got a lot of tasks done. Someone in the team brought in a Nintendo Switch actually and I got to see it. A lot of people crowded around this guy as he played Zelda and I got to touch one of the controllers. It was cool, and definitely something I would buy if I had the chops for it. Afterwards I left the office to pick up my mom and we drove home. Surprisingly, and normally I would feel like utter shite in the office, but surprisingly, I felt amazing. Just amazing. There were probably 3-4 meetings I attended that day too, I didn’t write about all of them but they were surprisingly productive, I spoke a lot.

When I got home, oh. In the office actually, I was texting a few different friends. One of them got laid off let’s call him A2, another one was hired for his first job let’s call him PM. Those are their initials. I guess A2 can be AA but A2 is cooler. Anyway, A2 and I both helped PM get his first job. Tons of emails back and forth between me and PM, and A2 did his best teaching him and doing projects with him. So now PM makes almost twice as much as me, almost, and A2 now has no job.

I’m completely happy for PM. He completely deserves everything and I did my absolute best in helping him. I even got him an interview scheduled for the current company I work for, but that didn’t go through because another person was sent an offer before PM could even be interviewed. So A2 is now laid off and has no job, has tons of free time. I needed more money on the side, but I had a full time job to worry about too.

So I texted A2, just kept massively texting him. I can be really annoying when it comes to texting, but I know both A2 and PM, and we have been friends for a long time, I know I can call them names or send them tons of annoying texts and it wouldn’t matter. So when A2 didn’t reply instantly after I asked him a question, I sent him maybe 20+ new texts just coming up with a bunch of nonsense words related to that first text. I bet his phone was flooded! But I laughed inside as an inside joke.

All of this while I was picking up my mom from work. So when I parked at her building’s parking lot, that’s when I texted him He didn’t reply instantly? No problem, here’s 20+ new text messages for you to go through. He sent a text message in reply, and tried to call me. But I was already driving. I drove my mom and I home, which took around 30 minutes, before I would get back to him.

When I finally responded, we scheduled a call together and I joined him on teamviewer. He showed me what he was doing, the projects he was working on, his current plan, etc. I was super surprised. A2, you have come really far! He always plays catch up with me, but I have to play catch up with him now. Good. So, in the end, we’ll now contact each other daily and talk about the projects we did and activities we worked on. I have to work on projects myself now just to catch up since I don’t know 90% of what he has done, but I was impressed.

At night I worked on studying again, and made a new video. It was a pretty productive night and the video was great. In the video, I went through an assignment that was assigned to me in one of the online classes I was taking. The funny part is, the end result of what I did, is much better than the ‘answer code’ that the instructor wrote. And it was all done in real time. Much better, much cleaner, much more efficient code was written in real time, than what the instructor himself did. That’s pretty awesome. I just have to get more practice in, because I can write pretty good code apparently, I just don’t work with code that often.

Here is the video:

Later that night I had my weekly talk with Obs. I wrote the first paragraph of this entry before I was interrupted. It was a pretty normal and casual talk, I had fun like always and she wrote about the specific details of what we talked about in her own entry. She jokingly called me “Megg the Egg” and sent an image of an egg being fried. I called her “Obs the …” because nothing rhymed with her name, and she suggested “Obs the Llama” so that’s what I ended up calling her, and we just went back and forth to each other. It was a good talk like always of course.

But anyway, I want to discuss the picture of the egg she sent and why it didn’t appeal to me. The way the picture was laid out in the kitchen stove, it was greasy and sizzling with smoke rising from it, and it had sort of this ‘grunge’ style look to it, the viewer was supposed to think the egg was delicious.

To me though, I didn’t think of it as appetizing whatsoever. In fact, to me, I was a little bit disgusted by the photo, sort of like how a person would view a picture of a booger. I just looked up a picture of a booger, and a picture of an egg being fried. Looking at them individually, yup. The same feeling. I’m disgusted by both, and I get the feeling of wanting to stay away from both, as if I don’t want to be in contact with either one.

What again might be surprising, is that I’ve been a vegan since I started writing these daily journal entries, and even for a few years before my day 1 entry. I’ve been pretty passive about it having not mentioned it at all here, just living my day to day life, and experiencing the world as it was, not missing out on any experiences, not being affected by my lifestyle in any way whatsoever.

Ever since I started keeping a food log however, I became more conscious of what I ate, and I realized again that most people ate differently than I did. It’s kind of weird to society, but normal to myself, how I don’t even view meat or eggs or dairy as food anymore. There was a YouTube video I saw tonight actually, about Dr. Oz and how he recommended this bison burger. In the beginning of the video, he showcased this bison burger and said “YUMM doesn’t that look good? Doesn’t that look juicy?!” and he would cut it slightly, the audience would cheer “YUMMM!!”

What is really awesome, is that to me, and other vegans apparently, we thought it was disgusting! I wasn’t the only person. Here’s the comment I’m referring to:

Yup. So that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t eaten any meat / dairy / eggs in forever. My body and brain has adapted to avoiding those kinds of products, and they just don’t appeal to me in any way. I just don’t see any point in eating animals, it doesn’t connect with my brain as to why an animal is food, or why cooked animal flesh on a plate is food. It doesn’t look like food to me, and other vegans too apparently.

It might be odd to some people that I’d rather eat nothing than eat a plate full of animal flesh in front of me. But to me, to my body, to my brain, it makes perfect sense. It might be hard to imagine for an animal eater, but I’m sure other vegans and vegetarians can relate. Animal flesh or ‘meat’ as we have come to call it, doesn’t look like food to us.

Anyway. I have to study and do work like A2 now. I have to play catch up with him since he’s been doing very well for himself lately and I am proud and supportive. We’re having a call again at 6 PM on Saturday. He will tell me what productive thing he did, and I will tell him what productive thing I did. We have this sort or friendship rivalry between us I guess? And since he is doing something productive, I better do something productive too.


Anyway, this is my food journal for the day:

Walnuts and 3 lara bars, food around the office

Walnuts and 3 more lara bars, more food around the office. My boss actually looked at me as I was taking a picture of my food awkwardly with this giant iPad I had. He asked ‘haha what are you doing?’ and I said ‘Oh, I have a food journal, so I take pictures of my food’ and he said ‘oh alright’.

Kale by itself, no condiments or additions

I couldn’t eat kale by itself, actually I could have, but very slowly and with difficulty. These potato chips helped, and I was able to stuff them down so much more easily. Ate that entire plate of kale no problem.

Chipotle meal I cooked tonight. Yummy.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had as a late snack, stayed up until around 2 AM I believe

So that was my day for the day! I hoped you enjoyed that read. It was very long, but it was a fun and energetic day at the office. Those days are rare! I have fun days during the weekends, usually depressing while working, so it was a change of pace. I wrote about the day in full detail! So I hope I didn’t miss a single thing.

Have a good night.


Selfie for the day

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