My ladder

I started underground.

I had to dig myself out with my fucking teeth just to reach the surface.

And I was doing just fine walking on the grass, when I came across you, 

A familiar ladder,

I was too comfortable not to climb. Besides, 

That wall you were leaning against blocked my view of the sun

and you know how I love the sun.

All I have to say now is sorry. I’m sorry 

that with each step up, I had to kick you in the shins

the stomach

the chest

the teeth

and then I had to stand on your head just to reach the top.

I’m sorry that I found my sunlight and you’re still leaning against that cold wall.

I want nothing more than to have you join me, 

But ladders were never really meant to get to the top themselves, were they?

You’re where you’re meant to be and because of that, I can climb through the clouds.

I love you.

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