New Age Views On The New Age Movement

Although there has been numerous misunderstandings about New Age, we Spiritualists, too, condemn the new age movement because it contradicts itself.  In NAM, we think positive to the point of infinity while in New Age, we are optimistic yet realistic in our views.  To think positive while dismissing the negative is negative.  Not only that, but it involves UFO cults, Eckankar, urban shamanism and spiritism.  In this case, the new age movement is not a religious concept but rather a spiritual web of individuals with common beliefs that everything is God.  Such a thing contradicts the Universe, for such implies it can be evil and all world scriptures (including the Bible) instates there is evil abound us.

How can we tell a New Ager from a Spiritualist?  Simple: A New Ager being of any faith would say, “Say something positive, not something negative.”  A Spiritualist would say, “Hand over any troubling thoughts to the Universe.”  New Agers deny the bad things in life whereas Spiritualists accept them.

New Age music forbids the usage of synthesizers and permit Celtic vocals (like Enya).

(03/23/2017) My research is finished.  NAM believes that a religion will emerge based not on creeds, doctrine or other social boundaries but brotherhood and fellowship.

They spoke up too late!  The “religion” is New Age, a grassroots religion based not on creeds, doctrine or other social boundaries but instead but brotherhood and fellowship.  It is mandated by the Isle Of Man, not as central authority but a council of elders who writes down the laws and settle disputes.  The authority comes from the Self.

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