Religion and Horror Movies

Frankly, I find the who concept of religion hilarious. I am sure it has to do more with my own experience. If you are religious, I respect that, and I hope you find happiness in your spiritual journey. I however, have only been met with hypocrisy and hate when it comes to religion.

I realize that the stereotypical version of the religious fanatic is the white conservative family, but if you so much as imply that you do not believe in god in a Hispanic household you may as well cut off all ties with your family. I never straight out told my mother that I was an atheist but she has caught the hint already. My dad believes I am practicing dark magic. Unbelievable! He says that my taste in horror films is “too extreme,” This is the same man who hates any mention of religion and has watched Cannibal Holocaust with me ( a film that left a far more horrible taste in my mouth than any of the “extreme” films I have watched on my own) 

I guess it is because I am more interested in the paranormal. Violence does not interest me, and violent films are what my dad deems “acceptable horror.” I do not know how the actual killings of animals in Cannibal Holocaust is ok, but the message of faith and fear in The Witch (an amazing film, in my opinion) is too dark. I am guessing it has to do with the title. I watch film about a witch, I am a witch. Amazing.

This doesn’t make any sense. Sorry.

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  1. Sweetheart, are you on any medication for your depression and anxiety. There are some good ones. You may want to see your doctor—he/she can help.
    I am a Christian and I grieve that you do not know Jesus and how much He loves you. He is there for you —even if you don’t believe in Him. He is still loving you and watching over you.
    Horror movies can make us feel far from God. They are so dark. My daughter loves them too, and I can’t understand why. She’s a healthy, stable, functioning adult. Anyhow, I am so sleepy (it’s midnight) I’m not saying this very well. But I suggest you talk to Jesus as if you believed in Him and see what happens. Give Him a chance. Best wishes and love to you.

  2. I feel as though it would logically make sense for your father to be more okay with paranormal horror movies than violent movies. Paranormal movies almost portray religion in them, upholding the belief of spirits and demons which implies there is a Hell.
    I’m sorry you cannot express your true religious affiliation with your family; I do not associate myself with the same religion my family does, but it means the world to me that they respect my opinion as I do theirs. I am agnostic while my family are Methodists; hopefully one day you’ll be able to share how you feel about God to your family. I personally think God was created to give people hope in something when they felt they had nothing left to be hopeful or thankful for, thus my agnostic outlook.
    Best wishes to you from another horror film fan.

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