One Little Me

I crave to be something new, to do something innovating; I create ideas that seem magical yet lose their luster as soon as I receive it in the palms of my hand. I desire to be something important, but how can a single soul, one small, unimportant figure, make the difference I long for? Is the problem due to how quickly I grow bored? Something new to me now becomes ordinary; for anyone who knows me can confirm I don’t like to be ordinary. But who does? What does it take for someone to be satisfied with things, ideas, tasks that grow to routine? I suppose I could blame my impulse for always wanting change, for never being satisfied. There is only one little me, so my question is, can one little me be someone of help? Can one little me be someone of power, of excitement, of curiosity? Can one little me be remembered? Because if not, is there really any point in pushing forward? I find no point to try my best when even my best can’t change me from being one small, little being.

One thought on “One Little Me”

  1. I understand what you feel about having almost magical ideas but being bored with them once they are finished. I feel the same; my personality, or my age, maybe a combination of both makes me grow inpatient with life. I think that everyone feels this way sometimes. Just wanting to be remembered by those after them.
    I hope you find something that you are truly passionate about, something you love. And thank you very much for your comment!

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