03/12/2017 01:26 Stranger in the Rain.

I chased after a stranger in the rain the other day. I realize that sounds weird, and the context I am about to give it isn’t going to make it any better. I was walking around town to take care of some business and as I was walking it started to drizzle a bit so I pulled the hood of my coat up tight around my head keeping me warm, then suddenly as I was passing a park I heard whistling. It was beautiful. It was without a doubt the most beautiful whistling I have ever heard. If I hadn’t seen this man whistling with my own eyes I would not have believed it wasn’t a wooden flute. Our paths met along side a park on the south side of town and we were both headed to the north side. He was slimmer than me and a good 5 inches taller, so my regular walking pace would have meant falling behind him by quiet a bit. I physically strained myself to keep pace with this stranger just to hear his beautiful whistling. It made me think a bit of the pied piper, music so beautiful you can’t help but follow. I pushed my hood down as I followed along and listened blissfully jogging at some points to keep up while also not trying to be obvious. As I followed along I came to the startling realization of how dependent my happiness is on those around me. I was literally physically hurting my legs to keep pace and had my hood down in a cold March mist to try and hear a strangers music. Our paths soon divulged after this moment as he began to head east and I continued north. As we parted I knew I would think about this day and that man in the future, about that beautiful music, and was left wondering if he would ever reminisce about me. There is no real reason for him to. We never spoke and I was constantly about 4-5 feet behind him, but I can’t help but wonder if I made any impression on his day since he has made such a large one on mine.

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