Just so you know, this title has nothing to do with my current mindset or anything like that. It’s just the name of a song that I like the remix of. Escape by Kaivaan ft Hikaru Station, Tenkitsune remix. It’s sweet and pretty and cute with the most adorable sound effects, like dings and stuff in the background. I found it by listening to a cute future bass playlist.

I finally updated my iPhone to the last version of iOS it can use (since it’s a 4S, it can’t use 10–the farthest it can get is 9.3.5) because I’ve been putting off updating the version because I was afraid of what would happen. Turns out I should have been afraid; now I have two more useless apps on my phone, Find My Phone and Find Friends. Ugh. Find Friends scares me, because it’s a tracking/location thing, but as long as my Location Services are turned off, it should be fine… right?


Anyway, that’s done. It’s not like I can uninstall a software update.

The update was supposed to help my phone from overheating all the time. Apparently, my poor phone doesn’t like me using Snapchat, because when I do, it gets so hot it feels like it could burn my hand, which is alarming. Also, its battery is draining so frequently that I’m scared it will die before I save enough money to buy a new phone. Don’t die on me, my child!!! You know I love you!!!

My spring break is off to a great start. I spent all day yesterday (Saturday) alternately sleeping and drawing and listening to YouTube videos and scrolling through Instagram. I did my eyeliner and mascara in one go, without getting anything wrong and having to wash it off and redo it. Proud. That’s improvement right there. Someday I’ll be good enough at doing makeup that I can be confident enough to wear it to school.

I’m dead tired. It’s almost one. I was just bored. I can feel my existentialism eating at my soul at this very moment.

Good night. Or good morning, whichever applies to you.

2 thoughts on “escape.”

  1. I have an iPhone 4 from 2012. Best tips to saving battery life is to put the brightness to minimum, and to turn off bluetooth and wifi. Internet is still usable through 3G, if you pay for that.

    No apps, including Find Friends, can access your GPS location if you have location services off. That is a scary app though if it tells you where your facebook friends are, and it tells them where you are. That’s… scary.

    Sounds like you had a good day though, spring break is here. You have all the time now to relax and be away from school for a while. Woot woot 🙂

  2. You must be very good at doing makeup if you did everything right in one go! Wear it to school – girls go with orange foundation and over lined lips to school all the time anyway. Nobody’s gonna notice if your right wing is 0.6 mm shorter than the left. Enjoy spring break!

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