Day 13/ Being isolated

I am the one who push people away.

I don’t know how to be with people.

They attack me with their bad energy.

I am too weak to fight.

I don’t go out so they cannot hurt me.

I am in a small apartment all day.

As if I was an only person on the planet.

I feel frozen with anxiety…


One thought on “Day 13/ Being isolated”

  1. Me too, I stay alone most of the time, rarely going out. BUT I do have to go out every now and then to buy food, go to restaurants, buy random stuff, go to work, go to the gym, walk outside, and so forth.

    Otherwise, I spend most of my time indoors chilling. The thing about anxiety is, no one can tell that you have it. So if you are anxious, just go out in public and pretend like you’re not. No one can tell.

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