Feeling disabled by depression today

I am still feeling incredibly down.  I’ve tried to fight this feeling by listening to hypnosis, shopping and I went for a thai massage this morning.  All have helped however the feeling is still lingering heavily.

When I feel like this all I want to do is curl up in bed and cry.  Days like this make me want to hide away from life.  Nothing extreme has happened to make me feel this way.  The weekend has been incredibly pleasant.  I’ve seen friends and family, been out for food and done activities. 

I think I’m going to spend the next few hours I bed and allow myself to mope.  Then I am going to get my arse into gear to attend an AA meeting. I haven’t been to one in a week and a half, they usually help me sort my head out a bit.

I just don’t understand what causes this feeling.  One day I am fine and feeling pretty normal then the next I feel as though I am morning someone’s death.

What causes this flood of emotion? And how do I prevent it from drowning me out?


2 thoughts on “Feeling disabled by depression today”

  1. I wish I knew the answer to the problems you have. If I knew what to do then maybe I could help myself. I wish I could just feel normal. Just be normal. Im not even able to write about my problems. When I try I just stop. It hurts my head to even think about. But I just read other peopes writings and it helps me. It makes me feel better somehow when you say that you are doing better with some things like the drinking. I have a group im going to and it helps me. Its just that I need someone to talk to all the time. I’ve never had that. I hope you make it to the AA meeting.

  2. Yes I understand. Sometimes I struggle to be around others because I feel I don’t fit in and don’t know what to say. I isolate myself and just can’t function, I feel lost, lonely and overwhelmed by negativity.

    I have been working really hard on self development lately. On the whole I am feeling a lot more positive. I think the answer is that me and you both feel uncomfortable in our own skin. To feel at peace we must try and love ourselves. Then we won’t feel so alone when we do not have people to support us.

    I wish you well x

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