Issue #3: The Side Characters

I have an odd family. They can be very loud and obnoxious, but at the end of the day, each of my family members are very good and decent people. It’s like that episode of The Simpsons, where Lisa is going to marry Hugh; but he starts to bad mouth them, and says how even Lisa complains about them all the time. So Lisa says, something like, “Maybe so, but I still love them!”. Yeah. That’s me. I’m the Lisa Simpson of my family…

My parents have an interesting history. They have been together since they were young teenagers. Both were in the gang life style. If you were to see my parents on the street, you’d probably make a U-Turn and fast! My dad is, especially, mean looking but he has the soul of a clown. He’s a big Teddy Bear. My mom has Bipolar Disorder and has all the exciting symptoms and bells and whistles that come with it. It can be a little difficult to get her to comprehend things but she’s a very sweet lady at heart. She loves all of us (her children/husband) and puts herself last. I often come to visit and stay with them from time to time; and we have alot of fun!

I have two sisters; one older and one younger, though they both seem to be older than me, in my mind. I think this is because I am disabled and I have come to depend on both for help, like a little brother would do. Eva, is the oldest and the stricter of the two. She is a nurse that likes to drink. The irony is not lost on me. She cannot take a joke though. Very serious, she is! I, often, have to be careful of what I say around her. Ruby, or as I call her, Doo, is my little sister; born 6 years apart! We’re a little bit closer and laugh happy in our relationship. Doo is very honest, open and loud but she also has alot of patience with me and has no problem driving me around, if I need to go somewhere. They each have children of their own; and I love those kids so much!

I have three nephews (one of which is also my Godson), two nieces (also both my Goddaughters) and my very first Goddaughter, Delilah. These kids mean the world to me. Even when I felt at my lowest, the kids were my best reason to get up in the morning; to keep trying and allowing myself to never give up! My hope is for these six young ones to grow to be amazing adults; to strive and succeed in whatever they wish to be or do and to have many positive experiences as possible! I want them all to be smarter; better and yes, happier, than I could ever dream…

My Brother In Law, Vincent is a really good guy and a hard worker. We had an instant connection and I don’t think we’ve ever fought or had a bad word to say to eachother. We both like old video games and movies. We had a summer where we just talked about The Dark Knight Rises, every night, until it actually was released. It’s a very fond memory that I treasure. Even though I am Straight Edge (I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs) and he likes to smoke Weed, we still manage to get along very well. In fact, we respect eachothers differences. I am not the typical sXe person to ram their beliefs down your throat. I do what makes sense for me, and I believe you should do what makes sense for you!

I have a fiancee, named Diane and like me, she is also disabled. While I have a physical disability, she has a mental disability; that being the tough pairing of Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder. My love has had a very tough life, as one can imagine. Always being seen as a threat or less than human. Once you’re labeled with a mental disability, people tend to think the worst. I believe this is from media outlets portraying the mentally ill as monsters, murderers and savages. I have learned this to be far from the truth. Yes, some mentally ill people need more care than others but we are all human, and we all deserved to be loved, cared for and respected! My fiancee is very intelligent, kind, loving and sensitive. She is a hippy at heart; caring about everything and everyone; from the Earth to animals to people in distress. I am very lucky to have her in my life and to have 3 future wives!

These are the people that I love and care the most about. They are all very important to me; they all have a special place in my heart

Coming Soon—Issue #4: The Sidekicks

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