My Sunday journal

4:57 PM at the Starbucks next door. Still feel like shit but much better than yesterday or Friday. Maybe I will get over this completely in next couple days. I can tell that I’m getting better tho. The scab on my lib that has been on there for over past 2 weeks is finally going away which is good sign that my body is getting back to what it was before. Think I got stressed out too much for past couple weeks. So glad that I’m getting better now tho. Things are starting to look different if you know what I mean 🙂

Amazing weather and couldn’t stay home anymore since I have been in home all weekend including Friday. Went out to Jolie’s BBQ next to Dodgers stadium for little bit. I wanted to enjoy the weather with friends but I also wanted to show my progress to Jolie to get some feedback. Not sure she got what I have entirely but it’s so relieve for me to show what I have so I can build this better. Stayed there till around 4 PM then drove back to home. Got out to Starbucks and writing journals for past couple days that I couldn’t write. 

Will spend some time to make some update on the project and maybe go back to resting since I still feel like have a cold. Hope you all having a great Sunday.

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