Sunday, March 12

It is Sunday evening.

And my Baby is flying back to his hometown.

Oh how I wish I were on that plane, sitting next to you… my arm wrapped around your arm, holding our hands tightly to one another’s. 

I remember how happy and carefree we were in the summer. When we were walking down the busy streets of Gangnam, us two taking the same steps, as if our hips were conjoined. No one could ever split us apart. We were like one unit, two peas in a pod. Wearing our matching “It’s Vacay” tshirts.

I could forever breath your skin and lie in your arms. When we are wrapped in each other’s embrace, our legs wrap around each others also. We become a pretzel. One breathing being. If only I could wrap my chest around your chest, so I could feel your heart inside mine, I would be that much closer to feeling every aspect of you.

So sometimes, when we are hugging, I want to consume you. I wish my chest could open up and swallow you. Everything, every aspect of you. I want! Does that sound weird? 

Anyways, my Love. I am going to study chemistry now, because I notice how I feel close to you when I do. 

I love you.



One thought on “Sunday, March 12”

  1. Dear my lovely VIP 보민,
    I am not in a position where I deserve you. Therefore I should never take you for granted.
    Because you are the gift of God,
    Now I can be in a position where I can see
    He is with me..
    I will try my best for you to feel the same.
    I love you my love. 잘자요..

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