Weird dream

I had a long ass dream tonight. First it started with me and 3 of my friends and my crush travelling in a scooby doo car. We were appearently going out to save the world from demons. My friend was driving and literally almost killed us several times and I kept complaining in my dream that someone else should drive. After the roller coaster car drive we all got split up outside. I went away with my crush. Suddenly we end up in a very pink forest, a forest that has roses that make you lose your voice if you smell them, The roses were everywhere, and i had lost my crush somewhere. I ended up screaming for my crush trying to find him, but no my voice was gone because of the roses. So I went away and out of the forest to a small city. And there my crush was. I walked with him and i noticed someone was following us. A little girl that was shorter than my waist was following. She was completely white, she was wearing a black hoodie. Her smile was so big it reached to her ears and her nose and eyes were gone. I stopped and asked why she was following us. And she said she was my little sister. It seemed that I was the demon daugher, a royal daugher of the demon side who had lost her memories. Suddenly the rest of my family showed up and they all wanted to kill my crush. I ended up running away with him and we went down a ladder. We just stood there doing nothing for a while, then we went up the ladder again, me first. Suddenly while I was trying to help him up the ladder something was dragging him down by his legs. I tried to drag him up, but then I remembers that this is probably just a dreams so I just let go of him and let him die. I went away and learned that I could fly. I went outside and tried to get rid of the demons but there were so many I went inside a building again. I pushed a button and suddenly the world was all back to its normal form. No demons, only humans walking around with their everyday lives.


I’m just gonna take wild guesses:

Not being able to speak – my struggle of never having my voice heard in reality, and it bothers me even though i try so hard.

Roses – symbolising that I might have a giant crush

Roller coaster car ride – bumpy ride = challenged in a frightening way in my life?


I’m really just trying to figure out what my brain is telling me.  

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