day 1… still. IT GIRL

well I don’t know how this work exactly. the wait for a response is agonizing. can I make one after another? is that allowed? is it rules to this? I just need a friend. someone out there that will listen? so that I can tell my story. a story no one really cares about. I was that weird girl in class but not the one every one knows and dislikes no I’m the invisible one. the one that didn’t get noticed because I was only there for a few months before I moved away and switched to another school. I mean I’m a glass half full kind of girl. my silver lining was no one friends meant no one to miss when I moved away again until i got older. that’s when my mom still moved a lot where I switched schools but it was always around the same area. still no friends but saw the same people all the time all around town knowing every one face but no one knowing mine. every school had that one girl the it girl.

and it wasn’t me.

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