Day 13 – 30 Days of Scripture Hebrews 10:19-25 4:16

March 13, 2017 will be an emotional day in my memory. Today I got a new job and I learned of my first IBEW boss passing away February 20, 2017.  It feels like the absolute close of this chapter in my life; and I met it with emotion, pain, tears and peace. 

How does the universe know when and where to be, to know my uncertainty, my fears?  Is God protecting me, wrapping his arms around me every time the universe pushes me?  I believe so, because I’ve needed protection a lot and it’s alway provided for me. 

As I learned of Gord’s passing, four people from the same time in my life reached out.  How does that happen?  January 4, 1999 I met Gord and started working with him….March 13, 2017 I have a new job and learn of Gord’s death. 

I know I’m supposed to focus on my Scripture, but I needed to put these words to paper, to preserve them, to keep them in my life.  However, as I read the scripture and research it’s meaning (it’s a bit confusing again), it focuses on death and entering heaven with acceptance.  

This makes me smile through my tears because Gord did not believe and many times we spurred a “discussion” about his eternal life in “hell” and I would never see him again because I am definitely going to heaven. Now, I am confident I will meet him again on the other side.  Even those who don’t believe will be accepted by God. 🙏🏻



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