Day 379

Sunday, March 12th 2017

Today was okay. Didn’t go to church, so read the book of Matthew once again, as well as a bit of Revelations. I realised around that time that Kohai asked me for a few Bible chapters. I’m glad it looks like we’re sharing our religion more. Her mother believes it should be kept for family, so she won’t let her visit my church, but it’s meant to be shared with everyone. At least when Kohai is old enough, she can come along with me on her own accord.

My grandmother came over for lunch. I listened to her say things about the church, but even though I wasn’t exactly interested, it was enjoyable just listening to her. 

I played job simulator on the vive for a bit. I love virtual reality. I’m kinda scared of loading screens, big titles and voids in it though. But I seem to be getting more used to it.

I played on the server for a while, ate, then watched Supernatural with my family. Tomorrow things are gonna get a bit more exciting, and I plan on starting my YouTube video soon. I’m also gonna have to work on the book.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 379”

  1. Hey Obs, the vive is awesome. The best VR experience out there today. Though the Job Simulator is a cool funny game, a really, really, cool idea would be simulators for ‘real’ jobs. ‘Car Mechanic simulator’ is one of those, and you can actually learn how to be a mechanic with just that simulator.

    How about electrician simulator? Plumber simulator? Outdoor survival simulator? Mountain climbing simulator? Librarian simulator? and so on… Best job training tool ever….?

    Also Obs, please link me your first video once you make it? It can be just between you and me if you don’t want to share it with the public yet. First videos will suck for sure, but don’t worry about that.

    I still recommend making a video, any video, even a sucky one. It only becomes more comfortable and easier as you go along, but you will have gained much more experience from sucking than by doing nothing.

    In that regard, I made another YouTube video today, it was a stupid video, but some guy actually posted a comment. The first comment in ANY of my videos. Yay! You can find a link in the 4th paragraph of my latest entry if you want to watch 🙂

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